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Having Trouble Coping With Rapidly-Evolving Cloud Environments? Get Your Fix For Vulnerability Management With TOPIA. 

Your vulnerability management strategies need a new approach. Go beyond just detection with an application security solution. Opt for our advanced, scalable, and comprehensive solution for vulnerability management. 

TOPIA is a cloud-based vulnerability management system that provides visibility into where your assets are exposed and how to protect them. Everything you need to know about vulnerability management begins here. 

What is Vulnerability Management?

Patch management and vulnerability management are often used interchangeably. However, they do not mean the same thing. In actuality, the decision to apply a patch is a part of broader vulnerability management activities.

Patching and scanning are two aspects of vulnerability management, and our software can help you with both. Our integrated approach enables informed decisions regarding which vulnerabilities should be addressed first and how they may be mitigated.


DevOps, security, and development teams must contribute to vulnerability management to efficiently and swiftly mitigate threats. It’s no longer enough to perform security scans once in a while – they have to be executed continuously, using automated tools. Prioritization and remediation strategies are necessary to address the rising security debt experienced by most organizations.

A Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Policy, Empowered By TOPIA, Addresses All Moving Parts Of Your Security. 

The Difference Between a Vulnerability, Risk, & Threat

The risk associated with a cyberattack is the potential for the loss, destruction, or damage of assets or data. A threat increases the probability of an adverse event, such as an attack on a vulnerability. Lastly, a vulnerability is a weakness in your system or application that attackers could exploit to access your information or compromise your systems. 

Vulnerability Management Stages

The VM process enables you to identify, evaluate and report any exploits in the systems and the machines you run. These steps, along with other security tactics, are vital to combat cybersecurity threats to any organization.


These are the five steps to significantly minimizing the “attack surface”:



Security analysts should narrow down and analyze the areas that need to be assessed for exploits. 


The vulnerability management team takes 3 steps of action here: assign value, list assets that need to be examined, and add a threat context to the report. 


What do you do with the information gathered? The VM team can either mitigate the vulnerability or thoroughly remediate the issue.


You determine whether the actions you selected have. 


Examine the entire vulnerability lifecycle and explore new ways to evolve and improve.  

Benefits of Vulnerability Management Software

Our vulnerability management system offers the following benefits:

Vulnerability Management Vs. Vulnerability Assessment 

Vulnerability management is the umbrella and ongoing strategy implemented by the cybersecurity team. On the other hand, vulnerability assessments are specified tools used within the broader vulnerability management strategy. While one is at a macro level, the other is at a micro-level.
Consider this through the lens of a physical property owner. If you own a piece of real estate, you do all you can to protect it. This means doubling down on security, ensuring the locks are working and that your alarm system is always armed.
Now imagine you hire someone to conduct an assessment of all the alarms and security equipment. These assessments are a one-time event while your property management is an ongoing affair.
The hired help does the assessment while the ongoing security management is vulnerability management. And it would be best if you had both for your business to ensure the continued security of your data, processes, and people. 

Ready To Experience Automated Vulnerability Management The TOPIA Way? 

We’ve invested the time and resources into creating a solution that works effectively across your public and private cloud environments to provide in-depth visibility, context-aware scans, and lower chances of false positives.
TOPIA is a cloud-based vulnerability management system that protects your data and keeps it safe from cyber predators. Management systems are beneficial for virtual patching and hardening vulnerability scanning systems as well as vulnerability remediation.

Let us help you learn how TOPIA extends its functionalities across vulnerabilities and compliance management needs for your business.

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