Self-Service Password Reset

Sysgem Self-Service Password Rest solves the problem of end-users forgetting their Windows login passwords and asking the help desk or system administrator to reset it. Users can reset their own passwords after correctly replying to security questions with answers that they have previously defined for themselves. Provides a secure webpage hosted on one’s own network which can be used for updating Windows Passwords in Active Directory, Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (LDAP), or on networked stand-alone Windows machines.

  • Self-hosted, online, secure, ASP.NET webpage for updating Windows passwords
  • Offers enhanced security such as e-mail alerts regarding password reset activity
  • Sends password-reset activity-alert emails to the user’s primary Windows email and any additional email addresses the users sets up for receiving such
  • With the companion Sysgem Password Synchronizer application, the updated passwords can also be synchronized to other platforms such as UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, etc.
  • Webpage securely asks security questions to verify the identity of the Windows user. If answered correctly, user can then reset their own Windows password or unlock their Windows account.
  • Setup webpage securely asks for username and current password for the account. Once authenticated, the user can establish or maintain their security questions and any additional email addresses where they would like to receive alert emails regarding password-reset activity.
  • Webpage is easily customized with custom text and logos, etc.
  • Backend includes a Microsoft SQL Server database. Uses a free SQL Server Express database by default. Database is encrypted for added security.
  • Configuration utilities make customizations easier

System requirements

  • SSPR runs on Windows, uses .NET and requires very little resources beyond those recommended by Microsoft for the OS and SQL Server; minimum recommended operating system is Windows Server 2012.
  • Four components: the website, a central Windows service, a maintenance utility, and the SQL Server database. Minimum supported version of Microsoft SQL Server is 2012; supports free Express version of SQL Server. SQL Server needs to be installed on a local system and configured for network access.
  • Components can be on different machines, on the same machine or hosted on a single VM
  • Website portion runs on IIS & uses ASP.NET. Since it involves passwords, support for HTTPS is required. Installation package will install IIS if needed & will ensure an existing IIS is properly configured for use with SSPR.
  • Free .NET framework 4.5.2 (or newer) needs to be installed on any systems hosting the central service, website, or maintenance utility. The installer will install .NET if needed.

SSPR 30-day demo

NDC Tech Support will provide a link to NDC’s ftp site in order to download the single installer which has everything in it to demo SSPR.
Prior to requesting a license to demo, security questions & answers can be set up but users are unable to reset passwords or unlock accounts until the license is installed.

Companion products:
Sysgem Password Policy Enforcer
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Contact Information

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SysGem Self-Service Password Reset demo