NDC Password Quality

What is NDC Password Quality?

NDC Password Quality has two major functions:
Ensure VMS passwords meet password policies.
Easily convert user accounts to using mixed-case passwords (without forcing the user to enter their current password in upper case after turning mixed-case passwords on for the account).

What does NDC Password Quality do?

  • Different password policies can be applied to different classes of users
  • Customized explanatory, introductory text can be displayed to the users during a password change to help them understand their new password requirements
  • Any errors encountered can be sent via mail or Opcom in addition to being logged.
  • Messages, other than those normally displayed by the SET PASSWORD command, are not displayed to users
  • Messages can be individually filtered to customize where any specific message or class of messages is sent
  • The configuration file can define words that the password must not contain, with messages to support the forbidden-words feature.

How easy is it to use?

NDC Password Quality gracefully handles all the technical intricacies involved in implementing mixed-case password in VMS.

How is NDC Password Quality valuable?

Natively, VMS is limited to only setting the number of characters in a password. NDC Password Quality gives fine control over password requirements for different classes of users. Additionally, makes it easy to convert VMS to using mixed-case passwords and advanced password rules.

How are license fees determined?

An account representative will provide a quote for you for your exact configuration and needs.

How do you get the licensing?

Download a free demonstration copy that is good for 30 days. Use the Quick-Install Sheet to install the demonstration copy, which is a fully-working copy of NDC Password Quality. Then call or e-mail to work out the details with an account representative.

What are the steps to install?

The major steps for installing and using NDC Password Quality are:
A)     Installation
B)     Initial configuration
C)     Initial deployment
D)     Product startup
E)     Local configuration testing
F)     Deployment of the updated configuration (if needed)
G)     Enabling

Free NDC Password Quality Software Demo Download

Call 1-800-275-6321 now for more information, or download a free, 30-day NDC Password Quality software demonstration today. Contact sales@networkingdynamics.com for the password.

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