Sysgem Enterprise Manager

Key Features and Benefits

SEM provides big benefits for low costs. It offers powerful functionality together with the versatility to adapt and enhance this functionality to create solutions that exactly meet your needs. On top of this, SEM is simple: Simple to install, to use, to maintain, and to customize, which means you get maximum value for minimal cost of ownership. Powerful Functionality

SEM provides centralized access to multiple platforms across your whole enterprise and enables you to:
Supports OpenVMS, UNIX, Linux, IBM AIX, AS400 iSeries and Windows.
Continually monitor your networks, servers, host machines and file systems, so you can better manage and control resource usage and capacities.
Protect your data and systems access by monitoring and enforcing your corporate security policies. This also simplifies your risk analysis task.
Set thresholds for tolerance levels, so that alarms are raised when these thresholds are exceeded and automatic corrective action is taken.
Delegate responsibilities with confidence and safety, by configuring the scope and degree of access granted to specific SEM users.
Establish a full audit trail, by logging every action of all registered SEM users.
Fix problems the instant they occur, through automated procedures triggered by alarms, or by manual intervention after being automatically alerted to a problem.
Create customizable reports, in HTML or text format, to see what has changed between different time intervals and take corrective and direct action when required.


SEM is based on a 100% open architecture. Its standard functionality is easily extended or modified to meet your particular needs. SEM also makes it easy and fast for you to develop your own special applications. SEM’s functionality can be used alongside other vendors’ enterprise management solutions to extend those solutions to meet all your enterprise monitoring and management needs.


Installing SEM takes only a couple of minutes per host system. And since scripts are held in a central location, any modifications or enhancements you make require only a single, central upgrade. SEM is simple to use and to customize. It provides the functions people want most in the simplest, most straightforward way. And because it is so simple, it doesn’t require a huge corporate commitment or departmental ‘buy in’ to introduce SEM to your company – it can provide an effective point solution to any task, no matter how big or small.

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