Sysgem VMS Monitor

The Challenge

Do you have mission critical OpenVMS systems running on VAX/Alpha/Itanium that need to be carefully monitored (24/7) for break-ins / inappropriate file and directory access / illicit installs / out of hours access / system time changes / etc?

The Solution

The Sysgem VMS Monitor package (SVMS) is an extensible OpenVMS monitoring system that runs on a central (Windows) server monitoring multiple remote OpenVMS systems; creating central summary displays; and generating alarms when customer specified events occur.

24/7 alerting takes multiple forms depending on customer preferences. Automatic actions resulting from a raised alarm include:
E-mail/SMS messages sent to nominated recipients depending on the time of day and/or day of the week.
Customer specific scripts run on a central server or on the remote OpenVMS system experiencing the exception condition.
Reports logged in a central private database or in a central Windows Event Log.
Central Windows Displays showing alarm status messages.
Key Features and Benefits

The monitoring features of SVMS include:

Account Probe: monitor users with high login failures.

Login After Hours: monitor logins outside normal working hours except for operations staff.

Authorize: monitor updates made using sys$system:authorize.exe, ignore updates done by systems staff.

Special Files: monitor use of special files, report abuse.

Breakin: detect breakin alarms.

Device Errors: detect devices with high error rates.

File Access Failures: detect accounts with high file access failures.

Install: monitor use of the install utility.

Modem: monitor use of a modem.

Privileged Accounts: monitor logins and login failures for privileged and default accounts (SYSTEM, FIELD, DEFAULT, GUEST).

Audit: monitor changes to the system’s AUDIT settings.

Time: monitor changes to the system time.

Sysgen: monitor use of SYSGEN.

Directory: monitor access to files in sensitive directories.

Filters: Under strict security access, customize the solution so as to filter out permitted actions by authorized users, thereby reducing the information flow to the critical items only.

Alarms: Raise an alarm and take the appropriate consequential action when an exception condition occurs.

Unattended Operation: First educate the system on what to monitor and what action to take when specific events occur by using interactive (real-time) displays from a logged-in user session. Save the results of this session, and then submit the session to Sysgem’s “Unattended Mode Operation” for continued 24/7 monitoring and alerting.

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