What is PEEK & SPY?

PEEK & SPY is a software product for OpenVMS systems which allows a privileged user to view the screen contents of another terminal and interact with the end user. DECnet remote connections, TCP/IP and DECwindows Motif are supported; PEEK informs the person whose screen is being watched; SPY does not.

What does PEEK & SPY do?

PEEK & SPY are privileged images which have the capability of intercepting terminal output and mirroring it to another user’s screen. When they start watching, the watcher gets to see what is on the user’s entire screen, and if allowed, the watcher is able to control the watched terminal, entering keyboard input for it. PEEK lets the systems manager solve user problems with less trouble, especially those of remote users. It shows you what is on the screen at the remote terminal, so you don’t need to travel to “look over the user’s shoulder”. SPY gives you documented proof and a permanent record of security breaches and provides a tool to lock out an unauthorized user’s input.

How easy is it to use?

PEEK & SPY is easy to install and use – There are only a few commands to learn. It is certainly easier than walking through one or more buildings to get a direct view of what is happening at a particular terminal. We provide “Quick Install” instructions for your convenience. You don’t need to read the entire documentation – just install. The basic instructions for use of PEEK & SPY are included on a single sheet along with the quick installation instructions.

How is PEEK & SPY valuable?

The privileged PEEK & SPY user can see the exact problem the user is experiencing, take over control of the user’s keyboard input and fix the problem directly. It is valuable to see what’s on the user’s screen because a user may not be able to communicate the exact problem effectively over the phone. You can also grant input control to the user while you provide any needed instructions. PEEK & SPY is a vital troubleshooting tool that also allows a truly interactive training and demonstration session. The user will see the correct handling for the difficulty they had. PEEK & SPY solves the problem of how to give personal attention to users and trainees at a distance. With PEEK & SPY you won’t have to travel all over the place.

From a security viewpoint, the privileged SPY user can see everything done by a user and use one of four journaling options to document their actions. We supply a command file that can create a record of terminal sessions. You can lock out a user’s keyboard input in case of a security breach. The person spied on will not be tipped off to the watching.

How are license fees determined?

An account representative will provide a quote for you for your exact configuration and needs. Because PEEK & SPY saves so much of a system manager’s time, be sure to factor in the savings gained because of less traveling around the site and site-to-site to sort out problems that could have been solved from the system manager’s terminal.

How do you get the licensing?

Download a free demonstration copy that is good for 30 days. Use the Quick-Install Sheet to install the demonstration copy, which is a fully-working copy of PEEK & SPY. This takes a matter of minutes – it is not a weekend project! Then call or e-mail to work out the details with an account representative.

How easy is it to install?

We use standard VMSINSTAL and the entire process requires just a few minutes.
Can watching be limited by user?
Certain users may be designated as unwatchable. Also, a warning message may be required before watching begins, or when someone attempts to watch.

Will I lose what was on the user’s screen before I started watching?

No, you will be able to see the screen repainted as it was before you started watching. The terminal modes and characteristics also are correctly displayed. The initial screen may well contain error messages or something else that will assist your troubleshooting.

What commands and control sequences direct PEEK & SPY?

Commands to start the programs follow standard VMS syntax. The completely configurable hot-key command sequences which tell PEEK & SPY to perform some special function may be specified as qualifiers on the command line or may be specified in a logical name table instead.

How have security and user-privilege issues been handled?

Ordinarily, PEEK is installed as a privileged image, so the user needs NO extra privileges to use the program. The person being watched must explicitly specify that a particular non-privileged user may watch him. Explicit permission is not required for a watcher who has both SYSPRV and SECURITY privileges.

Does PEEK & SPY use special drivers?

No, PEEK & SPY does NOT use or require any special driver be loaded.

Can I watch what goes on at a PC?

If a terminal emulation program is running on the PC and the screens are generated on the node where PEEK resides, yes. Otherwise, no.

How many users may use PEEK & SPY?

Unlimited – – many users can use it at once.

Free PEEK & SPY Software Demo Download

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