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PagerPlus monitors an OpenVMS system and alerts the system manager by cell phone, e-mail, broadcast messages or pager whenever conditions he has selected occur. For example, it can send an alert when a particular disk is more than 90% full.


A system manager will never walk in Monday to find Friday’s backup didn’t run to completion with PagerPlus. It gives him the opportunity to handle problems before they develop into something worse. It lets a system manager get more work done. It also makes his job easier, knowing he will be informed when or if any of his alert conditions occur. He no longer has to constantly check the system. He can define the ideal for his system and be alerted to its every departure.

Easy to Install and Use

PagerPlus is easy to use. The system manager simply defines the ideal conditions by entering them in configuration screens. For example, to monitor a file, he would enter the filename on the appropriate configuration screen. PagerPlus will then monitor the file’s existence. If it is missing, the program will alert the system manager. Adding “=A” after the filename means the file should be absent. If the file appears, the system manager will be notified. It’s that simple. PagerPlus can even alert others if the system manager doesn’t receive or doesn’t want to receive the message!
The PagerPlus User’s Guide contains easy-to-use, complete instructions for installation and how to use the simple configuration screens to define rules and exceptions.

Monitoring Examples (Partial List):

• A specific DCL Command succeeds
• A specific DCL Command fails
• A device must be mounted
• A device must have a specific number of blocks free
• A device must have a specific percentage of blocks free
• A specific file must exist
• A specific file must not exist
• A file size allocation must be less than a specific number
• A file size allocation must be greater than a specific number
• A queue must be running
• All queues must be empty
• A specific queue must contain a specific job
• A specific queue must contain no jobs
• A logical name does not exist
• A logical name must have a specific value
• A process must be running on a local node
• A username must exist on a local node
• A username must not exist on a local node
• A cluster/network node must exist
• A cluster/network node must not exist
• An error on a specific job

Technical Information

PagerPlus provides 6 ways to use the paging capability:
DCL commands
Interactive Message Sender screen
Application program using a mailbox
Application program using the Message File Directory
Mail Messages (VMSmail or SMTP-based)
OPCOM generated messages

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