Password Policy Enforcer

The Challenge

The standard Windows operating system from Microsoft allows password policies to be defined, but allow only basic rules to be set that often fall short of customer-specific requirements.

The Solution

The Sysgem Password Policy Enforcer implements a domain-wide corporate password policy ensuring users conform to stringent passwords standards when setting new passwords for themselves. It is a fully customizable stand-alone application from Sysgem AG. Optionally, when users change their own passwords, a pop-up form is displayed describing a customer-worded message to explain the corporate password standards.

Key Features

There are two components:

The GINA which is integrated into the Winlogon that provides interactive logon support and password change. The GINA displays text which the user must accept before being able to change the password and also enforces the rules defined in the rules file. It is installed on user workstations.

The text is displayed in a small popup window when the user presses Ctrl+Alt+Del and selects Change Password.

A password change DLL which is installed on domain controllers and intercepts all password change requests. The password filter enforces the rules defined in the rules file, it is installed on domain controllers.

Both of these components provide independent password enforcement.

Contact Information

Networking Dynamics Corporation
912 Drew St.
Suite 104
Clearwater, FL, 33755

SysGem Self-Service Password Reset demo