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All About Penetration Testing

The cyber-threat landscape gets drearier day by day, making penetration testing (otherwise called Ethical Hacking) a dire necessity for businesses across industries.

It is quite challenging to pinpoint security vulnerabilities in your system as the malicious actors keep coming up with sophisticated techniques to penetrate your systems and networks

The only way around this dilemma is to be smarter than they are and discover possible vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure before the cybercriminal hackers do. For that, it’d be best to employ pentesting services that proactively find exploitable vulnerabilities in your computer systems, networks, and web applications.

The team at Networking Dynamics can offer comprehensive documentation of all your security flaws. We go beyond automated scans to perform complex security checks and manual tests. Our Penetration Testing/ Ethical Hacking team simulates a real-world attack on your devices, applications, and networks to demonstrate the level of security on your critical infrastructures and systems and show you how to strengthen them.

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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, helps you assess the security of a network or an application by exploiting security flaws safely present in the system. These security vulnerabilities can be present in several areas like login methods, system configuration settings, or even end-users’ unsafe behaviors.

Pentesting is also a reliable way to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of security strategies and defensive systems. Usually, pentests comprise automated and manual tests that breach the application or network’s security with appropriate authorization. 

Benefits of Pentesting

Your systems and software were designed to eradicate dangerous security vulnerabilities. A pen test provides insights into how effectively they are at achieving this goal.

Here are some possible benefits of pentesting:

Pentesting Services We Offer

Here are some of the essential pentesting services we offer:

Internal / External Network Pentesting

This test gauges the internal systems to determine how attackers might move laterally in your network. The internal pen-testing also comprises system enumeration, identification, vulnerability discovery, privilege escalation, exploitation, lateral objectives, and movement.

Moreover, the external network pentesting test intends to gauge your network’s security issues and vulnerabilities in hosts, network services, devices, and servers. 

Web Application Pentesting

A web application pentesting aims to recognize security flaws resulting from apprehensive development practices in the coding, publishing, and design of a website or software. 

Wireless Pentesting

This helps find the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the wireless network. The team evaluates weaknesses like de-authentic attacks, session reuse, unauthorized wireless devices, and misconfigurations.

Mobile Application Pentesting

Identify and repair the security vulnerabilities on your mobile app through detailed all-around security assessments and business logic testing. We leverage a comprehensive methodology to gauge the security of mobile apps thoroughly. Our team goes beyond looking at web and API vulnerabilities to inspect the application risk on a mobile platform. 

Cloud Pentesting

With the latest transition to cloud computing developments, companies face a novel set of unidentified security risks. Cloud pentesting services allow you to secure and protect any cloud-hosted asset, regardless of the cloud provider. 

Red Team Pentesting

This simulation comprises real-world adversarial tactics, behaviors, procedures, and techniques, enabling you to gauge your security program’s effectiveness when encountering determined, persistent, and sophisticated attackers.

IoT Pentesting

Internet-specific devices span from commercial, ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) systems and devices to healthcare, mission-critical, and automotive Industrial Control Systems. Our deep-dive analysis and testing checks for previously undiscovered and known security issues/vulnerabilities. Want to leverage our penetration testing services to revamp your security processes? Get in Touch or schedule a call with us today. 

Penetration Testing Steps

In most cases, penetration testing follows the steps detailed in the MITRE ATT&CK framework. It’s a knowledge base of identified adversarial procedures, tactics, and techniques that occur along with several phases of a security breach.

Following this framework gives an approach to penetration testers, requiring them to form a model for a particular adversary’s behavior, thus letting them more accurately impersonate the attack in the test.

Here are the penetration testing steps we follow:

Explore the preliminary access method to find vectors unauthorized users exploit to access an ecosystem 

Implement the adversary’s code once they have gained access to the system 

Use persistence techniques that enable the attackers to ensure their presence in a system

The next step is the privilege escalation to study actions taken by an attacker to gain advanced access into an environment

Deploy defense evasion techniques leveraged by penetrators that enable them to go unobserved by the defenses of a system 

Credential access is used to get credentials from admins or users 

Discovery helps us better comprehend the current processes and the overall system 

See how adversaries leverage lateral movement to get remote system control and access 

Examine collection techniques attackers use to gather targeted data 

Control and command tactics are leveraged to establish communication between the controlled system and the compromised network 

Exfiltration is an adversary’s actions that they take to eliminate sensitive data from the system/network 

Impact tactics are aimed at affecting a business’s operations

Pentesting Modes

Black Box Pentesting

The black box penetration testing method aims to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities in a company’s system as an external party. No privileged information is acquired previously and the pentesting is achieved through external methods, such as social engineering. This is best to discover possible breaches that could be used by threats outside the organization.

White Box Pentesting

White box pentesting is when the system or network’s internal structure is known to the pentester. The evaluation is conducted with complete visibility into the network infrastructure, credentials and applications’ source code (micro-services, APIs, topography, passwords, IPs, logins) as well as server structures, security measures etc. This approach results in an analysis of internal structures that could uncover vulnerabilities to defend against potential internal cyberthreats.

Gray Box Pentesting

Gray Box penetration testing attempts to amalgamate the best of the White Box and Black Box methodologies. Gray box testing lets you scrutinize the network’s security as well as the physical environment’s security and see how far an outsider could get with certain inside information. In this scenario it is assumed the threat possesses information such as log in credentials or has an internal collaborator. This is the most cost-efficient of the three methods for pentesting.

Why Choose Us for Pentesting?

Opting for a top-notch provider like Networking Dynamics is imperative to automate your company’s security operations. With Networking Dynamics, we help you evaluate, gauge, and recognize security vulnerabilities and flaws by simulating real-world attacks on your processes, technology, and people.

We have extensive experience, and our security experts are well-versed with the latest information and cutting-edge technology.

Certified Ethical Hackers

Our penetration testers are certified ethical hackers with unparalleled access to malicious actors’ intelligence, such as the latest TTP to use during engagements.

Proven Methodology

Our heavy emphasis on replicable attack chains and manual penetration testing embodies the malicious actor’s mindset to identify vulnerabilities that technology and tools may miss.

Protect Your Assets With Expert Pentesting

The pentesting services help you detect security flaws, whether they are in the applications or the IT infrastructure. The penetration testing providers spot the misconfiguration errors and security loopholes that your IT teams may have overlooked.

Therefore, connecting with a dependable and competent pentesting provider is paramount to detect and safeguard against cyberattacks efficiently, proactively, and promptly.

Whether you want to manage the security threats within your cloud storage and servers or aim to strengthen your current systems, Networking Dynamics are committed to assisting you in defending your data and systems.

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