Sysgem System Manager

The Challenge

Have you ever known a system manager with time to spare? Computer system management is an essential part of your organization’s operations and your system managers are, no doubt, overstretched. They need the best tools available so they can do their jobs properly and efficiently.

The Solution

Sysgem System Manager (SSyM) is a multi-platform system management product that provides solutions to your day-to-day system management needs. Its distributed software ‘agents’ run on all major platforms and its central ‘management console’ (GUI) runs on Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT. SSyM uses a client / server architecture to execute scripts on target systems under the control of the central management console. It provides a wide range of distributed system management functions that can be further extended by customization at the central location.

Existing functionality or new customer-specific options can be easily integrated into the product using the separately available Sysgem Development Manager (SDeM) Module.
Key Features and Benefits

SSyM, makes it easy for you to:
• Manage multiple remote servers
• Monitor system & network performance
• Monitor / start / stop / suspend processes & services on remote systems
• Monitor CPU utilization, disk capacity and I/O rates
• Manage multi-platform queues using a graphical user interface; drag and drop jobs between printers; and stop or start queues on remote systems
• Analyze event & audit logs
• Develop your own Monitor & Management Displays, to monitor and manage remote multi-platform systems to your own specification

Key features include:
• A Multi-Platform File and Directory Explorer, which allows you to write your own scripts and menu options to work on multi-platform files and directories
• Disk Trending
• A Virtual Desktop that enables you to remotely access Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT; UNIX/Linux; OpenVMS systems anywhere in your network
• Disk Trending
• Interactive Command Scripts, so you can keep a central library of your own command scripts – written in the native command language of your remote systems – and select and run these scripts on multiple remote servers
• A Telnet Manager, with scripted access to remote UNIX/Linux and OpenVMS systems

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