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Since 1982 Networking Dynamics Corporation (NDC) has developed and marketed innovative and award-winning software such as PEEK & SPY, KEYCapture, PagerPlus, ASSASSIN, Sysgem Multi-Platform Enterprise Manager. We distribute worldwide to small, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies in the areas of finance, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, education, government: Commerzbank AG, International Paper, Cargill Meat Products, ArcelorMittal, ExxonMobil, United Natural Foods and many more.

We are very well known for our OpenVMS, Linux and Unix software solutions that enhance security and productivity and assist companies to comply with mandated regulatory requirements, including audit regulations.

We are proud of our support and insist that our support exceeds our clients’ expectations.

“Your tech support is always so helpful and prompt with responses and advice. I really appreciate your work,”

VMS System Admin
University Healthcare Provider

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Networking Dynamics Corporation
912 Drew St.
Suite 104
Clearwater, FL, 33755

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