Sysgem Account Manager

The Challenge

User account management is an important part of managing your computer systems, but it is often a very involved and time-consuming process. Delays in making correctly configured accounts available to end-users result in lost business or a compromise in security.

The Solution

The Sysgem Account Manager (SAcM) is a fully featured application for user account management on multiple platforms. It supports basic operating system accounts and user profiles in end-user layered applications. With SAcM, you create accounts from default templates on multiple systems in one simple operation.

Existing accounts – across all platforms, network-wide – are sorted, filtered and multiply-selected, and updated in a single operation.

SAcM allows you to delegate responsibility with confidence and safety. Statistical and detailed user account reports are produced with ease.

And with the separately available Sysgem Development Manager (SDeM) Module, its features and functions are easily customized to meet your own specific needs.

Key Features and Benefits

Provides a single point for creating & managing multiple accounts on multiple computer systems of multiple platform types, including the maintenance of user entries in layered applications.
Prevents delays in creating the user account environment for “new starters” by simplifying the process. Whereas this once involved many tasks and a number of different people, with SAcM a single and simple operation by an authorized user-account administrator is all it takes.

Allows multiple accounts (cross-platform and network-wide) to be selected and updated as part of day-to-day account administration.

Reduces security risks when staff leave by determining the ownership of user accounts. The accounts for someone who has just left the organization, for example, can be identified, disabled and scheduled for deletion at a predefined review date. For more details on this feature see the description of the Subscriber DB.
Facilitates the management of user groups, quotas, rights, privileges, passwords and intrusions.
Simplifies help desk operations for user administration, enables responsibility to be delegated with safety, and ensures full audit trail accountability.

During account creation, default field values are applied depending on the user-group to which each user belongs. The ownership of user accounts can be linked to a subscriber database of employees.

Makes it easy to produce accurate, up-to-date reports on the usage and deployment of user accounts across the entire network, for supervisor and security manager use. Information can be sorted and filtered to meet your own requirements.

Enables you to identify and resolve security issues for accounts across the entire enterprise. For example, you can identify accounts with raised privileges and request reports to highlight differences between the states of accounts at prescribed points in time. This allows you to identify privileged accounts that are no longer used and thus present a security risk to your system.

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