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KEYCapture is an OpenVMS system software tool which allows the system administrator to log keyboard input read from the terminals of selected users.

KEYCapture creates log files which contain the input read from the terminal keyboard. Along with each input, KEYCapture records a timestamp and the name of the program which issued the read. When the terminal read contains a prompt, the prompt is also recorded in the log file.

KEYCapture may be used to document exactly what your VMS users did and when they did it.

• What Problems Does KEYCapture Help Solve?
• Can you quickly find out who ran a particular program such as SYSGEN or AUTHORIZE on a specific date and what commands they entered to that program?
• Is there a way to build a database of commands that have been issued on your OpenVMS systems?
• How can you save what you type to “replay” later?
• How can you satisfy various Information Technology audit-related laws and regulations such as HIPPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bibley Act) and SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002)?
• How can you track exactly what users do on your OpenVMS systems?
• Is there a way to collect and preserve a full record of commands which have been entered so you can later validate the functions which have been performed?
• Can Networking Dynamics Corporation assist you to develop Computer-Aided Audit Tools tailor-made for your OpenVMS systems?

For OpenVMS, the answer to each of these questions starts with KEYCapture from Networking Dynamics Corporation

Important Security Issues

Please note: It would be a severe security breach to carelessly write plain-text password information to a KEYCapture log file.

KEYCapture takes special care to control what is done with keyboard input data. For well-known programs which request VMS passwords (TELNET, FTP, etc), KEYCapture skips logging the passwords. For other programs, KEYCapture can be configured to ignore passwords or other security-sensitive portions of the input data stream.

Easy to Install and Use

KEYCapture is installed using a standard VMSINSTAL procedure. Following the “Quick Install” instructions, KEYCapture can be installed in just a few minutes. No reboot is required.

There are only a few commands to learn.

The basic instructions for installing and using KEYCapture fit on a single sheet of paper.

Technical Information

KEYCapture runs on the OpenVMS operating system on Itanium (IA64) and Alpha (AXP) systems.

KEYCapture does not require any special drivers.

Free KEYCapture Software Demo Download

Call 1-800-275-6321 now for more information, or download a free, 30-day KEYCapture software demonstration today. (Note: For security reasons, a demonstration license key is required to enable running a KEYCapture demo.)

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