LogFile Concentrator

The Sysgem LogFile Concentrator is a Windows-based multi-domain, multi-platform, multi-protocol solution.

Concentrates logfile records from multiple remote (multi-platform) servers into a central database,
Archives records for long-term storage (Sarbanes-Oxley compliance),
Displays records as they are generated in a user-customisable display,
Creates web reports using a scheduled job – the reports typically required by managers and auditors. Sample web reports from the Sysgem test servers are available here.
Generates user-defined alarms (SMS, E-mail, notifications) when specific criteria are met,
Full web-browser interface for remote access,
Runs as a lights-out solution.
Supports common ODBC databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE and Microsoft Access.
LogFile record formats currently supported
Windows Event Log,
Syslog (UNIX, network devices),
SNMP Traps (all platforms, network devices),
OpenVMS Audit Trail (HP Integrity Server {Itanium}, AXP and VAX).
Other formats (such as OS400 XE “OS400″ Message Queue) will be available in a later release, please call your distributor or Sysgem AG for release dates.

LogFile Concentrator console monitoring Windows event logs

Alarm definitions include
Matching criteria using any combination of field values,
Assigning alarms to individual users,
Thresholds – criteria must be met [x] times in [y] seconds before the alarm actions are triggered,
Minimum repeat intervals – don’t trigger the actions more than once every [y] seconds,
Cut and paste – copying a LogFile Concentrator entry to the clipboard, then pasting it into a new alarm definition.
Alarm actions include
Sending E-mail,
Sending SMS,
Playing sound files,
Network messages (NET SEND…),
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) scripting.

Free LogFile Concentrator Software Demo Download

Call 1-800-275-6321 now for more information, or download a free, 30-day LogFile Concentrator software demonstration today. Contact sales@networkingdynamics.com for the password.

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