CompuFax allows users on an OpenVMS system to send and receive faxes directly without having to print a document and then feed it to the fax machine.


• Transmission over Pathworks from word processors, Macs and PCs
• Phone number list and database look-up capabilities
• Extensive broadcast features to select recipients/groups using wild card database selections
• Mail-merge facility to personalize cover sheets and form letters
• Ability to append files
• VMS mail interface
• Can send faxes via VMS mail
• View received faxes on screen
• HP compatible laser printing of faxes
• Landscape mode capability
• Automatic retry on transmission failure
• Configurable retry options including frequency of retries
• Optional transmission activity logs
• Viewable fax transmission status
• Assignable queue priority
• Optional system mail messages to acknowledge transmission

Easy to Install and Use

Most users can begin using CompuFax with very little training. Installing it is just as easy. It installs in minutes. With every copy and demo “Quick Install” instructions are provided for your convenience. You don’t need to read all the documentation to install it. In fact, the basic installation and operation instructions fit on a single sheet


CompuFax saves time, money and aggravation. No more time wasted printing documents to be faxed and then hand feeding the machine. Save money by scheduling faxes to be sent when the rates are lowest – in the wee hours of the morning. (This feature is especially valuable to companies who broadcast faxes to multiple recipients simultaneously.)

PC’s Too!

Price depends on the features you need and the number of fax lines you have, not the number of network nodes or CPU size.

Technical Information

CompuFax requires inexpensive Class 2 API (Application Programming Interface) faxmodems, Multi-Tech recommended. It permits any one of five methods to access files and send faxes:
• DCL command prompt
• VMS mail
• Subroutine calls from application programs
• VMS print queue
• Windows PC Interface

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“I have only praise for CompuFax, as well as the excellent support we received. The product was easy to install and use, and I would recommend it to any company that has the need.” HM, Systems Manager

Free CompuFax Software Demo Download

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