File Synchronizer

The Challenge

1. To manage configuration files on multiple servers without logging into the servers.
2. To manage a single central definition of a configuration file despite variations on each server.
3. To automatically monitor distributed files and raise alarms when unexpected changes occur.
4. To log management changes to configuration files in a central audit database.

The Solution

Configuration Management on multiple distributed servers using policy definitions held in a central Sysgem File Synchronizer (SFiS) source file repository.

SFiS provides a complete and secure environment to build a central store of source configuration definition files. A single source file defines how target configuration files look, including all the variants for each server.

Shell commands embedded in the source files add flexibility to server specific updates.

Use ‘Sysgem File Synchronizer’ (SFiS) to:
• Distribute and deploy configuration files.
• Run embedded shell commands to action updated configuration files.
• Monitor files on remote servers from a central point.
• Raise automatic alarms when unexpected changes occur.
• Log configuration management changes in a central SFiS Audit DB.

… and why stop at configuration files? Indeed any file required on multiple servers can be handled by SFiS.

Control access to this powerful yet simple to use tool and delegate options with precision and confidence.

… and the best thing is: using SFiS could not be easier to use!

For more information read the “Detailed Features” below:
Key Benefits

• Ease of Configuration Management:

o Control Configuration files from one central point
o Convenient and easy distribution of updates
o Check status and look for exceptions for the entire network in a single window

• Increased Integrity & Increased Security :

o Automatic monitoring and alarms when corporate policies not being adhered to
o Audit trail

• Reduced Effort:

o Delegate with fine granularity of privileges
o Ease of Creating of Reports

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