Virtual Patching

Overwhelmed By The Number Of Vulnerabilities That Need A Patch?
Let vRx Automate Patch Management For You! 

Zero-day vulnerabilities in your IT and cloud environments require a lightning-fast response. Anything else would be a waste of your resources and endangers your people and processes.
vRx is a cloud-based vulnerability management platform that offers a flexible, scalable solution to your patching troubles. It can deploy and apply patches in a matter of minutes across all systems on your network, including virtual environments. 

Patch Scheduling And Deployment – Made Easy With vRx. 

What Is Virtual Patching?

There is a small window between the discovery of a vulnerability and the possibility of it being targeted by cybercriminals. It is important to patch this weak spot ASAP to make the network safe again.

Virtual patching fixes these vulnerabilities while focusing on stopping exploits at the network level, not the end-point level.

To be able to work effectively, a virtual patching solution must have the following:

Deep Packet Inspection: These enable you to inspect and stop malicious packets and malicious activities hidden within the web and network traffic

Prevention: Once identified, the packets are destroyed before they get to the target hosts

Deployable Anywhere: Your virtual patching system should be able to be deployed both by cloud vendors and on-premise companies

NDC offers vRx’s patchless protection which shields vulnerable applications in your system. Think of it like a force field that secures your apps while the latest patch is being prepared, tested, and deployed.
vRx does more than just update your patches. There are times when there isn’t a patch for a known vulnerability. This software offers a way to stay secure and protected until a new patch is published, so you rest assured that you always have a cloud-based gatekeeper guarding the weak spots until you find a way to fix them.

Why Leverage Virtual Patching With vRx?

Here’s how your business can benefit from virtual patching:

Instant protection from components in IT infrastructure.

Virtual patching keeps mission components online.
The IT team has enough time to fix code flaws and text.

As a result, operations remain uninterrupted in an emergency.

Businesses can use it to comply with deadlines like those imposed by the General Data Protection Recommendation (GDPR) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) 

vRx Does Virtual Patching The Best

Here are some best practices you can leverage by working with our simplified vulnerability management software. 

Quickly Address Urgent Vulnerabilities With vRx’s Virtual Patching Capabilities

Virtual patching is just one of the many significant benefits of collaborating with vRx. This is a cloud-based vulnerability management system that safeguards your data and keeps it from falling into the hands of cyber predators. Other management system benefits include vulnerability scanning, vulnerability management, system hardening, and vulnerability remediation.
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