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Continuing the legacy of Diskeeper for VMS

Boost the performance of your Itanium, Alpha and VAX computers with disk defragmentation

Features at a glance
• Diskeeper 7.4 operates completely automatically, with no attention from the System Manager. Just “Set It and Forget It”
• INDEXKEEPER – a safe, fast method for defragmenting the index file on each disk
• Improved Fragmentation Analysis Utility – newly enhanced to report the percentage of disk fragmented and number of excess fragments
• Operates on live disks, while users are accessing files. Diskeeper is completely safe, and is guaranteed not to corrupt files or data
• Defragments all kinds of disks and disk configurations
• Uses minimal system resources, ensuring that there is no detrimental performance impact from defragmentation
• Checks disk integrity, and will not perform defragmentation if a disk error is detected
• Automatically adjusts the frequency of defragmentation to the level of fragmentation on your disks
• Defragments free space as well as files
• Never poses an access conflict between the defragmenter and users
• Can operate completely automatically, it is flexible, and defragmentation can be easily adjusted, from scheduling to the defragmentation job itself

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