Continuing the legacy of Diskeeper for VMS

What is Diskeeper for VMS?

Diskeeper for VMS is an automatic disk defragmentation software product. It has a unique position in the computer industry; it is not an application but is an enhancement to the system itself. Diskeeper was the first defragmenter designed to run online, in the background, automatically.

What does Diskeeper for VMS do?

Diskeeper for VMS is designed to increase the performance on your OpenVMS systems. Diskeeper defragments all kinds of disks and disk configurations. Running as a low-priority background job, DISKEEPER carefully rearranges files on a disk so they consist of as few pieces as possible, and attempts to combine free spaces on the disk into a single large contiguous space.

Additionally, INDEXKEEPER provides a safe, fast method for defragmenting the Indexf.sys file on
each disk.

How easy is it to use?

Diskeeper can operate completely automatically, it is flexible, and defragmentation can be better adjusted for the disk needs, from scheduling to the defragmentation job itself. Diskeeper automatically adjusts the frequency of defragmentation service to fit the level of fragmentation on your disks.

How is Diskeeper for VMS valuable?

Diskeeper operates on live disks, while users are accessing files. Diskeeper is completely safe, and is guaranteed not to corrupt files or data. Diskeeper uses minimal system resources, ensuring that there is no detrimental performance impact from defragmentation. Diskeeper never poses an access conflict between the defragmenter and users.

How are license fees determined?

An account representative will provide a quote for you for your exact configuration and needs. One of aspects of Diskeeper to keep in mind – it can go a long way in getting more out of your existing hardware and help defray costly hardware purchases.

How do you get the licensing?

Download a free demonstration copy that is good for 30 days. Use the Quick-Install Sheet to install the demonstration copy, which is a fully-working copy of Diskeeper.

How easy is it to install?

Diskeeper uses Standard VMSInstall.

Free Demo Download

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