Can anything from 1977 Be Great Again? 

You bet!



What is OpenVMS? There is an entire generation of people well into their IT careers who may have no idea that this operating system even exists. VMS stands for Virtual Memory Systems, it was produced to “share” memory and prevent interference between systems.  VMS was introduced as VAX/VMS in 1977 by Digital Equipment Corp. OpenVMS is a multitasking and multiprocessing operating system based on VMS renamed OpenVMS when it was redeveloped for the Alpha processor. The “Open” suggests the added support for the UNIX-like interfaces of the POSIX standard. Programs written to the POSIX standard, which includes a set of standard C language programming functions, can be ported to any POSIX-supporting computer platform. Formerly a 32-bit operating system, more recent versions of OpenVMS support 64-bit instructions. OpenVMS has long been praised by its users for clustering and disaster-tolerant capabilities, security and overall reliability. It runs mission-critical systems and because of its consistent performance it tends to get little attention, except from a dedicated user community.


That asks the question, who even uses VMS? OpenVMS plays an important role in running transportation systems, health services and even nuclear power plants. It is still popular in the manufacturing sector, at universities and government agencies. OpenVMS does not get the public attention of HP-UX, Linux or Windows. The only people who know about OpenVMS systems are most likely in IT departments. Business executives at many organizations may be unaware that the operating system is running their companies’ critical business functions. This lack of knowledge hurts support for OpenVMS.


Is VMS on the path to becoming extinct? We hope not.  A solution to increase the visibility and viability of OpenVMS systems within the IT enterprise is a multi-platform management tool which supports Windows UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS. Networking Dynamics Corporation offers Sysgem VMS Monitor Package which monitors multiple remote OpenVMS systems, creating central summary displays, and generating alarms when customer specified events occur.


Networking Dynamics Corporation supports VMS with innovative IT Management tools that are anything but extinct. Contact us today.

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