Don’t Drop the Ball When Juggling OS

Juggling Multiple Operating Systems?


How many network managers wish that their organization’s network were comprised of uniform systems? It might not make good business sense to be tied to one set of systems, but it sure would be easier to manage one operating system across your entire enterprise. Get Real!

The reality is that nearly every businesses today struggles with the administrative headaches of managing user accounts, scheduling jobs and backing up files. Add in providing security across many different hardware platforms and several operating systems and you have yourself a real nightmare.

It’s difficult and frustrating for system administrators to keep many different server platforms maintained and running. Other time consuming tasks that “just have to get done” might include migrating files, deleting temporary files and cycling log files. And again, everything needs to be backed up and securely maintained. Introducing new technologies and operating systems increases complexity.
Companies are looking to vendors to solve their pressing issues. The burden of making a mixed environment work is very real. Frazzled? Contact us today. IT Management made simple.


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