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Still A Little Insecure?

Here’s what a recent IT security survey uncovered


If you’re unhappy with how information security is handled in your company, you’re not alone. Nearly half of the U.S. – based IT and business pros who responded to a survey taken by Computerworld, gave their organizations’ security practices a very poor score.
It’s the same old story. Security remains under scrutiny from the highest levels of the organization, while IT and security staffs have their budgets stretched to the limits. How can you win?
The good news is a large percentage of senior business managers reported focusing more attention on information security this year than in previous years and that they expect to have the funding and resources to double those efforts over the next few years.
What’s changing? In the past, a CEO could simply have faith in the efforts of security professionals within the company.  Now, the CEO is expected to be more knowledgeable about how they are securing whatever needs securing inside their organization. IT security is confusing at best. Take action! Protect your data and systems access by monitoring and enforcing your corporate security policies. Set thresholds for tolerance levels, delegate responsibilities with confidence or safety establish a full audit trail. Fix problems the instant they occur, through automated procedures triggered by alarms, or by manual intervention after being automatically alerted to a problem. Create customizable reports and more with System Enterprise Manager from Networking Dynamics.

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