When it comes to passwords, users are on overload. According to a Gartner case study 80% of Bank of America employees have six or more user ID-password combinations, and nearly 30% have 12 or more! That’s insane! With more users, partners, accounts, and platforms, password automation is becoming a necessity.

Another poll shows that less than 20% of users have single sign on technology with as few as 50% requiring users to select strong passwords and to change them on a regular basis.  So in reality, users have multiple weak passwords and that creates chaos in the workplace. Passwords also affect compliance. Taking control of access privileges is smart business. Auditors might ask for proof that users accessing sensitive systems are reliably authenticated and authorized. Can you attest to that, especially if you’re one of the many companies that let users select any password? Clearly, better password management is essential.


Image result for password resetReducing password related IT service desk calls is smart business. Password management reduces the number of passwords an employee needs, ensures passwords are changed regularly, and allows self-authentication for users who forget a password or must reset one. A password-management system will make you popular with end users, free up the load on the help-desk providing a fairly quick ROI (Return on Investment). But how does one make this sale to management?

Prepare by compiling answers to some basic questions: How many passwords must users remember? Do highly paid system administrators spend time on password resets? How often are password changes required, and how strong or weak are the current password-enforcement policies?

Put an emphasis on ease-of-use to help win over the masses. Coordinate with your IT team to build consensus on the password-management product’s design. Know the features that will most improve your specific situation. At  Networking Dynamics an interactive demo serves as a place to ask questions and a 30 day free install of the product allows you to truly prepare to make your pitch.

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